Benefits of Nederman Mist & Smoke Collectors

Extra Long Filter Life - As a result of FibreDrain™ technology, Nederman oil mist, and oil smoke collectors have a filter life of between 2 and 5 years.

With Nederman Filtac oil mist solutions, machining facilities save on costs and no longer have to worry about purchasing and continually replacing expensive filters or paying outside businesses to clean mist collectors every two weeks to a month.

Efficiency - The filter's unique, specially treated fibre surface allows collected droplets to coalesce, grow in fibre intersections and drain by gravity out of the filter medium.
This technology along with the layers of compressed filter media enables a capturing ability of 99.95% of particulate as small as @ 0,3 µm.

Nederman oil mist and smoke collectors are the most effective and cost-efficient way to guarantee a clean air environment when compared to other mist collectors.

Increased Safety - Oil mist collectors prevent slippery surfaces and oil deposits which in turn diminishes workplace accidents and fire risks.

Because Nederman mist ollectors are so efficient, exposure to oil mist and smoke is greatly reduced preventing health risks such as respiratory problems, skin conditions, lung fibrosis, cancer, and more.

No Maintenance - Because of the extended filter life and fluid drainage capability, Nederman oil mist, and smoke collection units require no maintenance and only need filter changes every 2 to 5 years.

Cost Savings - Our mist and smoke collectors feature exceptional fluid drainage capacity. Once oil mist and smoke is passed through the filter media and captured, the mist collects and drains from the surface by gravity down into the sump of the collector where it can continually be reused and recycled.

Easy-to-Install - Nederman mist collectors and eliminators come ready to install, get in touch with one of our experts to discuss details about the volume of your working space.
We also offer clamp together, modular ducting systems that are leak-free and take only seconds set up.

Versatility - There are a wide range of filter compositions to suit most applications. Bespoke modular systems are available for large centralized systems. All units are future-proof and can be adjusted to future parameters.

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