Oil Mist Collectors, OMF

Oil mist collectors designed by Nederman Filtac are built to handle a high volume of emulsion mist in environments with stringent airflow applications. Every oil mist collector is developed to provide maximum efficiency and low maintenance costs. With unique FibreDrain™ technology, our filters have a lifespan of between 2 - 5 years!

Nederman mist collectors come equipped with powerful and silent fans enclosed in an insulated housing or on top of the unit with a silencer on the unit. All of our collectors can be delivered with constant airflow control.

When oil and emulsion is separated it's collected at the bottom of the filter unit where it can be drained out to a container, a pump box, or directly back to the machine tool.

Filter units collect oil mist directly at the source. The air stream enters at the bottom of the collector and passes upward through the layers of compressed filter media at low velocity.
Because the filter stack is progressive in filtration properties, the smaller the particle, the further it will penetrate the filters in the air flow directions. The captured mist drains from the filter surface by gravity down in the sump of the collector.

Oil Mist Collectors for MQL Applications

Nederman Filtac filters are manufactured to overcome the new circumstances caused by the transformation or wet processes into the MQL, Minimum Quantity Lubrication, technologies.

Because MQL is neither dry or wet, the emissions create two new challenging application areas, semi-dry wet content with very sticky semi-fluid and solid non-self-drainable particles, and medium wet drainable fluid droplets in combination with non-self-drainable particles. Nederman Filtac MQL solutions are patent-pending and are adaptable to changes in your metal machining process.

For more than 70 years, Nederman has developed products and solutions to reduce the strain on the environment and to protect people from harmful particles, fibres, dust, gas, smoke and oil mist. As a Nederman distributor, the MistXtractors team is proud to represent a company that filters, cleans and recycles to create eco-efficient production in demanding industrial surroundings. By continually adding new skills and solutions and expanding geographic presence, Nederman enables MistXtractos to help our customers develop their businesses both economically and ecologically.

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