Oil Mist Eliminators, NOM

Nederman oil mist eliminators are designed for single shift operations at lower airflow demands.
They fit into a central system, connected to each machine.
All NOM models feature a pressure gauge for filter controls and indicate when cleaning is required. The oil mist filter is self-draining.

It is important to note that these oil mist eliminators are not equipped with FibreDrain™ technology and are not as efficient in continous operations when compared to Nederman Filtac oil mist collectors and oil smoke collectors. However, in comparison to centrifugal filters, NOM oil mist eliminators excel, as seen below.

NOM models 11, 18, and 28 are developed to be used in applications where lathing and milling or stamping and pressing steel plates take place or where equipment such as industrial washing machines and abrasive water jets are present. Acceptable for emulsions and neat oil.

The NOM 4 is a compact oil mist filter that is best-suited for enclosed cabinet single CNC machines. NOM 4 is simple to install and allows for max. flexibility in workshops. It's generally installed on top of a machine and is acceptable for emulsions and pure oils.

Benefits of Nederman Oil Mist Eliminators

  • Easy installation
  • Exceptional filtration efficiency
  • Feature a self-draining mist filter
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Take up little space w/ integrated fan (NOM 11, 18 & 28)
  • Perfect for limited space w/ integrated fan (NOM 4)
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