Oil Smoke Collectors, OSF

Improve your production efficiency, achieve a better working environment, and reduce environmental impact by implementing Nederman Filtac oil smoke collectors in your workspace.

Nederman Filtac oil smoke filter units are designed to manage large concentrations of oil smoke in neat oil applications. Their FibreDrain™ technology increases filter life from 2 to 5 years allowing them to offer the highest standard of efficiency and cost-friendliness.

Once smoke concentration has been collected and separated, the droplets are collected at the bottom of the unit, where they can be drained out to a pump box, container or back to the machine tool.
Nederman smoke collectors feature high-quality, silent working fans that are enclosed in an insulated housing or on top of the filter unit with a silencer on the outlet. All of our oil smoke collectors can come equipped with constant airflow control.

The secret is in the filter. Nederman's unique, patent-pending FibreDrain™ filters capture 99.95% of particulate as small as @ 0,3 µm making our collectors the most effective for filtration in demanding metalworking applications.
FibreDrain™ filters are specifically designed for continuous operation. Their composition makes it possible to capture even the smallest submicronic droplets and drain them back to the process with maintained filtration efficiency.

Grinding & Cutting - Neat Oil

Nederman Case Study from the autotmotive industry

Grinding and cutting using flooding of neat oil is the traditional process used for tough machining. The lubricant creates oil smoke emissions. A lot of droplets are smaller than µm, which means highly efficient oil smoke filtration is needed.

To be able to run an efficient and cost-effective production line, in continuous operation, the customer needed oil smoke collectors that could handle an extremely high load of oil smoke. The collectors used so far in other production lines had huge maintenance and service needs, something that was unacceptable for this new investment. Instead, a designed centralized filtration system for continuous operation at high efficiency with long filter life was necessary.

Nederman Filtac’s FibreDrain™ technology was evaluated during a period of three months with extremely good results. A centralized multistage filtration oil smoke extractions system was ordered and installed, with FibreDrain technology plus a final H13 HEPA filter.

After 26 months draining large amounts of oil without any increase in pressure drop, the original filters are still in use. There are no detectable particulates in the air that have passed the HEPA filters.

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